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Need help or assistance with warranty or repair? Contact our customer service or refer to our brand-specific contact list.

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Phone: 905.305.1888

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Some frequently asked questions below:


How do I know if my luggage is under warranty?
The best way to tell is to let one of authorized repair stations or head office customer service assess your concerns. All warranties are for specific stated time periods as outlined on your warranty card or the hangtag. Please keep in mind that no warranties cover airline or other carrier damage.


If my luggage is under warranty will it be replaced?
Seasoned repair personnel assess all luggage, they will repair or replace at their discretion. The first step is to always repair the luggage to get you back on the road faster.


What if my luggage needs repair while I am traveling across Canada?
Samboro Luggage has a network of authorized service centres across Canada; please refer to our Service Section for location details.

How do I get replacement locks, keys or other parts for my luggage?
The fastest way to get replacement parts is to visit one of our authorized service centres in person, if that is not convenient you can contact the location closest to you or contact our customer service department directly. Please see our Service Section for location details.


What happens if my luggage is damaged when I pick it up at the baggage claim?
It is important to make the claim at the airport upon arrival. Airline damage is not covered by the warranty, and must be claimed with the airline in question.


Who do I contact for assistance with product information?
You can contact your local luggage specialty store or refer to our Contact Us Section.

What happens if my luggage is lost?
If your luggage gets lost you must report it to the airline at the arrival terminal. Make sure that your claim is in writing and that you have a contact name and number for follow-up. Please keep your airline tickets, baggage claim tickets & boarding passes until your luggage is returned to you.


How do I know if my luggage meets carry-on regulations?
It is important to note that the Airlines set the regulations and that they do change from time to time & vary from airline to airline- it is best to check with your carrier to determine the specific regulations for your flight. Air Canada allows two bags to be carried aboard by each passenger, this can include one standard item that measures no more than 21 ½” x 9” x 15 ½” & one business item or personal item that measures 17”x13“x 6”


What kinds of items am I allowed to have in my carry-on luggage?
Personal clothing, toiletry items, books etc. are all allowed. Small electronic equipment such as cell phones, palm pilots, CD players & notebook computers are also allowed, note you will be asked to power on these items at security & on board use will be restricted at certain times during the flight. Remember to place all sharp objects in your checked baggage.


Selecting the Right Product
Ask yourself some basic questions- Am I traveling for business or pleasure? For business you may need space for both your personal items & business items, check out our overnight suiters & carry-ons. For the vacation traveller our most popular combination is a 25” or 26” upright trolley in combination with a tote bag or small carry-on.


How often do you travel?
For the frequent traveller we suggest that you invest in the best that you can afford. Hardside luggage is the most durable option for longer trips, especially if you travel overseas. Consider selecting high-density woven materials on softside luggage for wearability, heavy-duty solid hardware, oversize zipper pulls & solid construction.


Do I need different luggage if I am traveling by car versus airplane?
No you don’t, but there are some practical options for car travel such as duffels on wheels, garment bags for hanging clothes and other softside bags that don’t have to meet carry-on regulations.

Packing Tips

How much can I pack in my suitcase?
Never over pack your suitcase it will wrinkle your clothing and put unwanted wear and tear on your luggage. Continuous over packing will damage your case and will not be covered under the warranty.


What is the best way to pack hanging clothes?
You have several options, you can use a garment bag which is designed to hold multiple hanging garments (the exact number depends on the size of the bag) and accessories, or most uprights have ‘suiter features’ designed to hold multiple hanging garments, which will give you more space for additional or casual clothing or you can use a traditional suitcase & layer your hanging garments starting with your jackets, pants & skirts, then tops.


How do I pack breakable or heavy items in my luggage?
It is best to pack anything fragile or breakable in your carry-on luggage. Save space & worry by using plastic travel sizes of cosmetic & hair care items. Heavy items such as shoes should be packed at the base of the case or near the hinge-your bag will seem lighter & be better balanced for rolling.


Can I protect my clothes from impact?
Nothing is guaranteed-you reduce wrinkles of delicate fabrics by putting those garments on top & protecting them with tissue paper, a towel or a dry cleaners bag. Make sure to spread out your packed articles evening and use the tie down straps. If your bag is only half full consider using a smaller case.

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